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Welcome to the official website of the Southern Africa Regional Campaign Against Child Abuse

The Southern Africa Regional Campaign is a concrete response to the recommendation made at the 2001 Rabat Conference to governments, NGOs, Associations and private sectors of the region to encourage and support the creation of national and regional networks to combat sexual exploitation of children.

Cases Reported


Police reported 400 cases of sexual child abuse since 2000, of which only 80 were heard in court, resulting in 57 guilty verdicts. 407 individuals have been detained in connection with sexual child abuse, and still await trial; seven have been released for lack of evidence; 438 cases of abuse were prevented.

Out of 268 cases involving boys and girls aged between six to 16 years of age, recorded at Maputo Central Hospital’s Centre for Psychological Rehabilitation (CERPIJ), eight were perpetrated by father-in-laws; 31 per cent by neighbours; one by a priest; four by the fathers; six by cousins, and five by uncles.


A Ministry of Education study paints a bleak picture on the state of children, suggesting that up to 38 per cent of children might be victims of abuse. The study shows that two-third of Swazi children do not live with both parents, and that the most vulnerable children are between ages of 10 to 15.

The majority of perpetrators are males aged between 21 to 40. 60 per cent of perpetrators were punished for their actions.


A MAPODE research interviewed 1000 prostitutes aged between 14 to 26 years of age, and out of these 60 per cent were girls in the age bracket of 14-18. The bulk of the prostitutes had been trafficked from the Great Lakes region, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Research also shows that girls have been trafficked to and deported from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Europe and the USA.

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